Batik Over Tagua Nut & Zenu Ball Earrings


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Black and White, Bright Colors, Earth Tones

Finatur Designs

Finatur Design — along with its new extended collection — “Fiesta Zenu” By Magno Caterino honors the best of two worlds, pairing Pre-colombian Zenú weaving traditions with contemporary minimalist design.

Fiesta Zenu Collection 2019 evolves from the flat structures used as a base up to a tridimensional concept, where shapes allow a deck of possibilities, this is an organic feast style which is rooted in a mix of beads, natural fibers, exotic tropical seeds and our traditional and well known Arrow cane. In a perfect combination, designed to please the muse of creation instead of market demands, it spreads a sense of natural stylish. It has been elaborated in collaboration with Master Artisans from Zenu Community, Perez’ families and Benitez’ families. We are especially thankfulness to Master Artisan Catalino Perez who acted as a leader on this project inside the indigenous reservation at Tuchin.

Assembly and finishing were done by Magno Caterino and Reinel Mahecha, designed by Magno Caterino Mahecha. In 2019 collection, we celebrate ancestral roots inspiring our color palette in the warmth of the Caribbean, clothes and accessories worn traditionally in Fandango and Cumbia (folk music and dance). Designed to reflect the joyfulness and abundance becomes the core of each piece.

Socially Conscious

All of our products are handmade by fairly paid artisans, as a social conscious company. We are deeply involved with sustainable and ecofriendly material, stocked from resources available inside the communities such as bamboo and exotic seeds. We highlight the benefits and beauty of upcycled jewelry using recycled wire, utilitary objects that have changed their original function to become a part of the main structure of our designs. When required, Italian findings pieces are incorporated carefully in an imperceptible symbiosis with our recycled materials and handmade designs.

A little bit more about our materials:
We make the earring hooks out of reclaimed metal. In some cases we use strips of hat and bags that not match the quality required for our customers.
For cuffs, We use the regular PVC pipes. In the large bangles we use curtains rings. In the Bolo tie we use Bambu pipes and 30 mm wood balls from those back rests for drivers and so on.
We are very conscious about the environment. For the collections signed Finatur/magno caterino, I use the materials cited before plus stainless professional Italian hardware like leather 3,4,5 mm, pressure locks, Spanish golded hooks and so on.

Zenu’s Arrow Cane

These Items are made out of arrow cane (Gynerium Sagittatum) a tall grass. Leaves are dried and then scraped with a knife to remove the tough inner fibers, thick central vain of leaf is used. The fibers are split into fine strips and woven into “braids”, strips used can vary from 15 to 28 on each braid. Women are usually the weavers, they dye fibers with local natural plants. Men take care of planting arrow cane and  harvesting, they are as well in charge of seaming with an old Singer treadle machine. Groups of families  attend to labor and contribute with skills acquired by family tradition trough the time.

Wounan / Werregue

Our women weavers use spiral Technique, weaving guerregue “Astrocaryum standleyanum” palm and inside crafts are stuffed with Palma Quitasol (Mauritiella macroclada).

Men and women share tasks such as planting palms, harvesting, driying and then scraping with a knife to remove the tough inner fibers, then fiber is splitted into fine strips, to be Sun dried and finally strips are shined by friction, The shiny colors are extracted from wild plants. Knives, sickles, axes and needles are used.


The 3 palettes available in most of our designs (Traditional (Black-and-White), Terra (Earth Tones) and Bright Colors) are shown below:

Customized design

Up to three words, our customer can choose design and colors (see palette of colors above), Minimum width 10mm and maximum 25mm. Minimum order required. Sampling fees apply.

Here are some examples of customized designs:

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