When it comes to time, we don’t like wasting it. And we don’t want you to waste yours either!

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, artisan or brand, our services will help you save time, so that you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Retailers & Distributors



Tired of spending hours weeding through emails of not-so-ethical brands wanting to get placed in your store?

Does looking for ethical brands with the right values and store fit feel like searching for needles in a haystack?
Are you new to ethical fashion and interested in growing with this US$5B market?

Leave the product search to us and focus on meeting your sales goals.
We work with you (or your buyer) to bring you the brands that meet your values and appeal to your target customers.

If none of our current brands are a match, we’re always willing to learn more about your vision and reach out when we find a brand that is a good match.

​Brands & Artisans



Do you want to grow your impact, and in order to do that you have to sell more?
Do you want to reach more customers but don’t know where to start?
You don’t have time for sales and can’t afford to hire a full-time sales person?

By choosing to work with us, you get an instant sales department. We manage the relationships with the stores and buyers, take orders, scout new stores, etc. You just need to fulfill the orders and receive the payment.

Focus on doing what you love – designing – and leave the selling to us.

We can place your products with conscious retailers & distributors who share your vision and are already attracting your target customers.
We are also working with retailers & distributors who are exploring the ethical fashion market. This is your chance to grow with us and make a bigger impact in the fashion industry.

We work on commission only, so there are no initial costs. You only pay when your products get sold. And you can still keep on selling through the channels you are already using.

How it Works

Here’s a more detailed look at our current process: (please note that we are always changing our strategies and processes, so check this page often if we are not a good fit right now)

  • We sell to both online and physical (brick-and-mortar) stores through our e-commerce website.
  • You may send us samples of your work so that we can show to retailers in person. This is useful but not necessary, since we give the physical retailers access to our online catalogue/store.
    • If you only want to get signed up with online retailers there’s no need for samples either.
  • Our online store automatically matches your values with the retailer’s. For example: if a store only sells vegan products, they will only see your vegan items available online.
  • Our focus:
    • Online: we are currently focused on working with ethically-minded stores (for example:
    • In-person: we are currently working with small boutiques in Canada (Niagara region) who we think could be interested in ethical products.
    • Our future goals are to also work with boutiques in other countries, plus large retailers and distributors in Canada and those countries.
  • Our fees:
    • Please read the FAQ and the Terms and Conditions of our online store to understand our fees and other financial and legal details about working with us.
    • If you think our commission is too much, you are probably undervaluing your brand. Read this Blog post to understand what this means and how to fix it.